CSI 2* + Young horses H&F

Event Info

  • 26 Okt, 2017
  • max.
  • 29 Okt, 2017
  • Equestrian
  • Csi



Csi 2* + young horses h&f

This weekend we are working again with the online system of Equipe! Download the app or follow us online : https://online.equipe.com/nl/competitions/22208

The last weekend of October traditionally stands for an international showjumping event of 2-star level in Sentower Park. This year, their will be an CSI YH together with the 2*. Full program and provisional timing can be found on the right side of this page

CSI 2* + YH - H&F - Not just a standard CSI!

As usual, this H&F competition will not be a standard edition of a CSI 2*. With a different touch by the organisation, the entire Sentower Park team makes sure there is a different look-and-feel. Not only the professionalisme for the equestrian part is important, but we take good care of the non-horses aspects:

- A great party

- Kids corner

- foodtrucks

- restaurant daily opened

- and so much more

All info en schedule: Click hier